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Your sun guide to healthy and lush plants 


Each variety of plant has their own level of sunlight requirements.  When Sun Strength Testing strip is exposed to sunlight, it will read the sun's intensity helping to make better choices of plant placement or purchase.​​


 Economical, quick and easy to use.

Test multiple locations at once.

 Use for both outdoor and indoor testing.

 Great for:

Landscapes, home and roof-top vegetable gardens, flower and/or herb gardens.

Green houses and indoor growers.

Terrarium and vivariums.

School science projects.

 Any application where knowledge of sun intensity is important. 

Kits come in quantities of:

   6, 12, 18 or 24. 

 Included are sun testing cards with comparative color codes,

 full testing instructions, helpful hints and the appropriate amount of display forks.

Kits start at $9.49

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Use Sun Strength Testing strips in any application where knowledge of sun intensity is important