Sun Strength Testing

Your  sun guide for healthy and lush plants


Taking  The Guess Work Out of Plant Placement

Must Haves

Three are three very important factures to having beautiful flowers, a productive garden and lush healthy landscape.

These are water, nutrients and the proper amount of sun light.  Without a good balance of these three important factures, your green thumb will not look so green.

Having the right amount of ground moisture is critical for health and growth.  Nature helps with periodic rain. However, the frequency and amount  is unpredictable  so you will need to supplement by watering on a consistent schedule.

The second factor is the plants nutriti​onal needs, which starts with proper soil preparation.  There are literally hundreds of products available on the market to supplement your soil and nourish your plants.  

The third is the correct balance of the plants sun tolerance and amount of sun received in your selected area.

Confidence or Doubt

Prior to making your selection you should read all the information on the plant label.  There is an abundance of information from mature size, soil and moisture needs, to sun requirements.  Another resource is the professional at your local garden center.

Now that you have made your purchase you are excited to head home to add the plant to your landscape.  Taking all advice you leave the store with confidence.  Just after you leave, your thoughts turn to the planting location and that nagging  question. Is the plant that I just purchased right for my selected area?

Ignoring your concerns you move forward with your plan.  Armed with all the facts, you are good to go, right?  Well maybe not!  For many of us, we simply use our best guess when picking a location and hope for the best.

How Tough Can This Be

After planting, we are happy with the selection and marvel at how well it looks in our landscape.  Only to find out later, perhaps a month or so, your plants are not doing so good.  After all, I fixed the soil, watered when needed and fertilized as instructed.   What went wrong? The culprit maybe the placement of your plant itself, is it getting too much or too little sun?  So your best guess was wrong!  You are not alone.  Many of us underestimate the importance of proper amount of sunlight.  Having better knowledge of the sun's strength is critical and is on the three most important factors.  So how did I miss this?  Unlike the hundreds of fertilizing and plan care products on the market, and advice from the experts, there is little to no help with understanding of the sun's strength.

Help Is Coming

To help with this lack of information, new sun measuring products are coming to the market.  The newest is a product called Sun Strength Testing.  A  Sun Strength card is placed in the area you wish to plant.  The results from the test card will tell you how much sun that location receives.  

Now armed with all the information on the three important factors of plant health, you can make your purchase with confidence "taking the guess work out of plant placement".

Dwayne Nickel

Creator of Sun Strength Testing and an avid DIY  gardener