Confused on how much sun your yard gets?

Take the guess work out

Use Sun Strength Testing strips

Your sun guide to healthy and lush plants 


Here are the most frequent questions we have received.

Question:  Will the testing strip work on a cloudy day?

 Yes, it will read  filtered UV  sun light, however your results will be  effected.

Question:  Can the testing card be reused?

 Yes & No:  The sensor strip will read increasing levels of sun light.    However, once it has been exposed to full sun the strip cannot be  reused. 

Question:  How should I store the cards prior to use?

Keep the cards closed and in a dark dry place.

Question:  What is the shelf life of the testing cards?

 If properly stored the sensor strip will last for up to one year.

Question: Can I use it to test the sun to avoid a sunburn?

It will measure the sun's intensity but is NOT intended for this purpose.

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